2005 - 2007
Freelancer/ Student
Recently I've been trying to do my own thing by going to school and learning more about the programs available to me. Now that I'm out of school, I am looking to learn more out in the field.

South Park Studios - Comedy Central
Worked mostly with fans of the show through internet chatrooms and email. Weekly conestes were held quizzing people on their knowledge of the show. Update the site daily, even during show hiatus. Created avertising banners for South Park, brainstormed ideas for new screen savers and downloads.

2000 - 2001
Kung Fu Design
Assisted in the creation of online databases and E-Commerce stores. Light HTML work, directly involved in the creation of southparkstudios.com

1998 - 2000
Created websites for friends and family. Some paid work, sites are no longer active.

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